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ResiYou- The smart residue management tool

Fruit and vegetable growers perform a balancing act every day: they need to protect their crops against pests and diseases to ensure their quality, but to get them into supermarkets and ultimately on our plates, they also need to adhere to legal residue limits specified by governments and the even stricter limits imposed by some retailers. ResiYou aims to make that balancing act easier by facilitating residue management digitally – saving growers time, money and a lot of worry.


What is ResiYou?

ResiYou is a new digital platform offering smart residue management. Built around the needs of fruit and vegetable producers in today’s commercial environment, it allows users to plan their crop protection regime and at the same time forecast residue levels at harvest, make residue predictions in real-time and adjust throughout the season – giving them confidence that they are compliant with not just legal requirements but also those of target retailers.


Why do we need a digital service like ResiYou?

Growers and traders of fresh fruit and vegetables already have an excellent level of compliance on residues – but achieving this is complex, costly and time-intensive. This is particularly true when growers and traders need to adhere to the residue standards of several different retailers at the same time.

ResiYou aims to help the fruit and vegetable industry cope with this challenge. It gives growers and traders a way to forecast, monitor, and actively control residues without adding to their workloads. In a single software package, ResiYou can look up retailers’ requirements simulate complete spray programs to forecast residue levels, support crop protection planning, and provide automatic documentation and traceability through a crop management diary – the basis for e.g. a GlobalGAP certification.

That’s one less thing to worry about!


Why is this an important development?

Our dynamic, always-on digital advisor is a game-changer for fruit and vegetable producers who are worried about residues. Its accessibility, flexibility, and smart decision- making paves the way for huge benefits in terms of both sustainability and commercial viability.

Growers could use ResiYou to optimize their crop protection spray plans, save costs and labor, ensure they future-proof their businesses as retailer requirements become stricter, and give them maximum market access. Traders benefit from the forecasting ability of ResiYou and the transparency it creates concerning the use of pesticides in farming operations.


When will ResiYou be available?

The ResiYou app is currently in the prototype. That’s why we need your help: we need fruit and vegetable growers to test the ResiYou prototype in real working conditions and give us feedback, so we can make sure it is easy to use and delivers its benefits as intended.

Sign up now to get in touch and join the free trial. We intend to roll the app out to many horticulture crops in future phases of development.


  • Targeted advice specific to every crop, field, and farmer
  • Giving growers more potential buyers
  • Takes the complexity out of residue management
  • Less use of crop protection products and lower residues
  • Fewer produce rejections, less waste
  • The next step to a sustainable future

How it works

For each of your fields, we deliver an in-season residue planning and simulation with an overall status indicator.

Plan the target market and resulting residue level requirements.

Plan crop protection activities supported by our residue planning engine.

Track and document all crop protection activities.


Pre-season residue planner

At harvest residue forecast

In-season residue simulation

Real-time residue monitoring & control

Crop protection catalog & database

Crop management diary (Track & Trace)

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